Friday, April 4, 2008

New Kids and showing my age...

The New Kids on the Block were on the Today show this morning, announcing that they've reunited, and are going on tour this fall. Well, I hope I'm not the only one who has been waiting for this for like 15 years!(tongue definitely in cheek)

They have aged rather well, Donnie was always my favorite.( I always had a thing for the"bad boy") How about you?

Friday, March 28, 2008

"My Favorite Things" Friday

I thought I'd show off some of my favorite things on fridays, so here they are...

Fresh Daffodils...

Pretty New Easter Clothes...

My Spring Piano Top Display....

My Favorite "Airline" Cookies...

So, there you have it, have a great weekend!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

First Day of Spring Tea Party...

My sister and best friend since high school came over to help me celebrate the first day of spring. It was such a nice day that I was able to set up my tea party on my back deck. With everyone busy getting ready for the easter holiday I decided to make the party a tea "brunch".

In addition to the traditional cucumber sammies, I served my special recipe deviled eggs, and "make your own" yogurt parfaits, with home made granola, and fresh strawberries. I also made some yummy vanilla orange cupcakes, cuz I cannot have a tea party without some kind of cake! (Cake is my favorite food group, ever!)

I placed a darling and very scrumptious dark chocolate bunny at each place setting.(Lindt!) Here they are naked!

We had a great time, very calm and relaxing, a lot of sun and soft breeze, perfectly first day of spring weather!

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Spring!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Fallen Soldier

This past friday, the small community that I live in mourned the loss of one of our own. A young Sargent in the Army, killed in Afghanistan, was laid to rest.

A motorcycle group of Veterans led the procession, down the main street of town. Hundreds, including myself,came out to pay tribute.

Later, the children of this soldiers former elementary school lined the street as the procession moved to the cemetery.

thank you and rest in peace.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bed Buddies and Banner Frustrations...

I tried to do something a little different with my banner, just some little adjustments, and I ended up screwing up the whole thing! In my defense, up until 3 years ago, I couldn't even use a computer. No kidding, I literally couldn't even turn one on. So I have come a long way. And I came to a conclusion this week. This little blog of mine is a learning project, and one day I hope it will be as beautiful, entertaining and inspiring as the blogs I look at every day. See how I was experimenting with the font? yeah, I have to let go of wanting this space to be so pretty, yet. But if you hang in there I assure you it will get better.

I love how a lot of blog-ladies have cute names for their spouses and kids, I don't want to writing "my husband" this and that, so I will hearby dub him "the Boss". Because his ringtone on my phone is the theme song from the Sopranos. And cuz I let him be the boss. So, the boss is away at an academy for his job, promotion kind of a thing,(law enforcement) 10 weeks, and he's only home on the weekends. The babies have been sleeping with me, but they that do even when he is here. I guess we're those "family bed" kinda people. The thing is I have a 16 year old daughter(from a previous marriage) so I know how fast they grow. I do appreciate the extra room in the bed, during the week. If I won the lottery, I would have a huge ( I mean like really big) bed custom made for all of us.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bumpy Start...

Ever have one of those days? Well, today started out looking like it was gonna be one of those. And, yes, it is only 9:27 am as I am writing this. I got up butt early because thursdays are the only days that I am required too. My 3 year old son has preschool just this one day a week, and I have a pilates class on this and tuesdays at 9. I have to take my 2 year old daughter to daycare/preschool at my Mom's (she runs an in home daycare/preschool, where I work one day a week). I also pick up my niece Jillian (college age) to go to pilates with me. So, here I am actually running on time for the first time in forever, and I've got the babies in the car and buckled up, lunches and backpacks all accounted for, my pilates mat in the back (cuz I always forget that) and I jump in the drivers seat and go to start the car and.... nothing. Won't start, battery dead. Husband gone. No jumper cables in sight. I ran around the garage for about 10 minutes looking for a set of cables before giving up. I was so frustrated, pissy, ect. then I decided to think of reasons why I'd like to stay home..... 1) it's a rainy day, perfect for snuggling up on the couch with my coffee and computer 2) I really am not feeling good, coming down with something
3) Baby Girl has got the pink eye, again. 4) I really didn't feel like exercising anyways.
So, there you have it. Not such a bad start, just a little bumpy....

Monday, February 18, 2008

I love tax time...

Every year when we get our tax return, it always gets split up into three basic catagories- the largest amount going to pay off bills or fund a home improvement project, the next largest amount goes to Costco (where I get to go hog wild!) and smallest amounts to my husband and I, to do whatever with. My favorite day is Costco day. The kids go to my Moms, and I get to take my time with my super-long list that starts months in advance. We usually fill at least 2 of those flat bed carts and I can't explain how satisfying it is to stock up on all those things that are so annoying to run out of. It is literally on of my favorite shopping trips. I also have to decide what I am gonna splurge on for me. Does anyone out there know where I could get some extra time???